Poems for the NHS at 70

Poetry submissions are invited for an anthology to mark 70 years of the NHS. Below are some FAQs and information about how to submit a poem.

When is the date of final submission?
The last date poems can be submitted is Friday 31st August. Everyone who submitted will be contacted shortly after that to let them know if they will be included in the anthology.

What kinds of poems are you looking for?
We’re looking for great poems that engage with the reality of being involved in the NHS, either as a patient, medic or in any other capacity. Poems can be in any style and there isn’t a line length limit, though it may not be possible to include very long poems.

Do poems have to be unpublished?
No, we are happy to accept previously published poems, but you must have permission for them to be re-published in the anthology. Previous publication will be fully acknowledged.

Who is publishing the anthology?
The anthology is being published by The Onslaught Press (www.onslaughtpress.com), a small press based in Oxford that specialises in publishing high quality collections of poetry and haiku.

Who is editing the anthology?
The anthology is being edited by Matt.

When will the anthology be published?
We don’t have a definite date for publication, but we’re aiming for it to be published in early autumn.

Will I get paid?
No, there is no fee for included poems, but contributors will get a complimentary copy of the anthology.

What will happen with the book’s profits?
The profits from the book will go to an NHS-related charity. The chosen charity will be announced when the book is published.

How do I submit a poem?
Contact Matt via the form below and he’ll send you the email address you can use to submit poems.



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